Corporate Profile

Established in 1953, Papadopoulos Publishing stands as a distinguished Greek family-owned enterprise with a heritage deeply rooted in the book trade, tracing back to 1912. Initially renowned for its exceptional children’s literature, the company has garnered widespread acclaim for its commitment to excellence within the genre. Since 2011, Papadopoulos Publishing has strategically diversified its portfolio to encompass adult titles, commencing with nonfictional works before venturing into the realm of fiction. Operating from two privately owned facilities located in the suburb of Metamorfossi, the publishing house boasts a dedicated team of 40 full-time professionals supplemented by numerous independent contributors. Annually, the company releases approximately 100 new titles, comprising 75 children’s books and 25 adult titles, authored by esteemed writers from both Greece and abroad. Papadopoulos Publishing’s extensive reach spans beyond physical storefronts, with its books readily available through a network of over 1000 sales outlets across Greece and Cyprus, in addition to various prominent online platforms.

100 Years of History

100 years of history


In 1912, the story of our esteemed publishing house commenced in the heart of Mersina, Asia Minor. Initiated by the discerning educator Kyriakos Papadopoulos, our journey began with the establishment of the region’s first bookstore, addressing a notable void within the flourishing Greek community.


Two more bookstores follow, in Adana and Tarsus, opened by Kyriakos’ son, Ioannis K. Papadopoulos (1896-1978), in 1915. The bookstores flourish until 1921 when they all close, swept away by the storm of events.


In the wake of tumultuous events Ioannis K. Papadopoulos embarked on a new endeavor, founding our fourth family-owned bookstore in Constantinople. However, luck did not favor him this time either. A year later, the Allies abandon the city, leading Ioannis to exile himself to Paris where he was employed by the Hachette Book Group as the director of daily press distribution.


After more than a decade abroad, nostalgia prevailed, and the position at Hachette, with all its responsibilities, was not enough for a restless individual like Ioannis. So, in 1936 he returned to Thessaloniki, Greece, where he opened our inaugural bookstore in the country.


Following the conclusion of World War II in 1945, Ioannis relocated to Athens, where he established a stationery shop on Perikleous Street in Syntagma, laying the foundation for our continued growth and evolution in the years to come.


With the onset of a new era, the third generation, led by Kyriakos I. Papadopoulos, assumed responsibilities alongside his father. In 1953, a significant milestone was achieved with the publication of our first illustrated books for children, marking the dawn of a new chapter in our storied legacy.


The early 1960s witnessed the emergence of a literary renaissance as iconic series such as Fairy Tales Illustrated and Lilica captivated audiences, establishing “Papadopoulos Children’s Books” as a hallmark of quality and beloved storytelling.


By 1971, Kyriakos I. Papadopoulos had assumed leadership, necessitating the relocation of our retail operations to accommodate our expanding activities. Thus, retail operations are relocated to a site on Drosopoulou Street.


The company’s first privately owned building is constructed in Metamorfosi Attica, and the central facilities of Papadopoulos publications, such as offices, studios, warehouses, etc., are moved there.


As the years unfolded, the fourth generation, represented by Ioannis K. Papadopoulos, embraced the mantle of leadership, overseeing the construction of a modern headquarters and distribution center to meet the growing needs of our publishing house.


In 1996, a new storefront was established in the heart of Athens, marking a critical juncture in our operations. Simultaneously, a strategic focus on illustrated books and aesthetic excellence propelled us to new heights, cementing our reputation as pioneers in the industry.


As the millennium approached, our commitment to cultural enrichment remained steadfast. In 1999, we introduced Greek illustrated books of unparalleled quality, heralding a new era of creativity and innovation in the literary landscape.


The dawn of a new corporate structure in 2003, under the banner of KYRIAKOS PAPADOPOULOS SA, reflected our continued evolution and expansion. With a newfound focus on international markets, we embarked on a journey of global recognition, showcasing the talent of Greek writers and illustrators on the world stage.


In 2007, the publisher’s first books on education are introduced. Within a few years, the house’s educational books have become unique successes in kindergartens and elementary schools, with more than 300 titles and total sales of millions of copies.


By 2011, our publishing house had transcended boundaries, branching into literature for adults while maintaining our stronghold in children’s literature. With a dynamic array of titles spanning diverse genres, we continued to enrich the literary landscape, ensuring our legacy endures for generations to come.


The establishment of FarosBooks in London in 2019 marked a significant milestone in our global expansion efforts. Dedicated to sharing our illustrated children’s books with English-speaking audiences worldwide, FarosBooks embodies our commitment to cultural exchange and literary enrichment on an international scale.